Art Resin Challenge Accepted

I, as many others, have been given a challenge by the makers of the epoxy resin that I use for my projects, Art Resin.  After receiving the 32oz kit that is in the mail, I have 4 weeks to make something unique and blog about it on my website here, it is not a contest but more of a collaboration with other artists like myself.

For my challenge, I decided I would try 2 different pieces.

The first is a fairy light lamp, I have seen them online many many times and have always wanted to make one myself. With my newly acquired bandsaw I finally had the tools I needed.  Using a piece of driftwood I had, I cut out the center and glued the remaining pieces back together.

After drilling a hole for the lights I began to seal the back and part of the front for the resin pour. I decided too go with a purple pigment as its always an eye catcher. Though this was a fun project to work on, I learned a lot of things that I would do differently next time.

Once everything was cured, I set about sanding the entire piece so it would meld together nicely.  I cut out another hole on the bottom of the piece to feed  the wires through and mounted it on a base so it would have more stability when on the shelf.  I also added a small switch at the back.

The finally result is very satisfying and I am definitely looking or ward to the next piece I can do. Photos will be below.

The second piece I completed was a sign with LEDs.  I had just picked up my new Ridgid palm router and was excited to try it out, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so.

I made some templates and traced them onto the wood with some carbon paper (works great).  After carving out the templates, it was time to think about my LEDs, I had wanted to light up the lettering originally but figured it was going to be a nightmare with the amount LEDs I was going to have to use, so I went a different way.


I used 3 different tints in my resin for this piece and it was a breeze to do.  Artresin is so easy to work with, it was the first resin I began using and love it so much, it's the only one I will ever use.

After some serious sanding, I burned the face a little bit and added a few coats of clear coats.  I also added a small switch on the side for the LEDs. I think it turned out good.  Photos below.

Both of these pieces are not for sale, but I plan on making more in the future. If you are interested in something, please let me know.

I would also like to give a shout out to ArtResin for giving me this opportunity to jump out of my comfort zone a little and trying something new.  If you are looking for a resin to try out check out ARTRESIN you will not be disappointed.